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Hideyasu Sasaki. Strategic Decision Making on Group Collaboration under Temporary Constraints


Jozef Bohdan Lewoc, Antoni Izworski and Slawomir Skowronski. Distant Learning Case-Study: Nurse Training in Diabetes Problems


Andri Riid and Ennu Rüstern. Fed-Batch Fermentation Controller Design with Evolutionary Computation


Satchidananda Dehuri and Sung-Bae Cho. A Novel Particle Swarm Optimization for Multiple Campaigns Assignment Problem


Paul Bustamante, Gonzalo Solas and Karol Grandez. Wireless Device for People affected by Neurodegenerative diseases


Ouahiba Azouaoui, Mohamed Kadri and Noureddine Ouadah. Implementation of a neural-based navigation approach on indoor and outdoor mobile robots


IlGu Jung, EunJin Ko and HyunChul Kang. Voice Quality Measurement System for Telephone Service


satoshi iwaki, hiroaki kawata, tamotsu machino, manabu motegi and shinyo muto. FreeTagpaper: A pen-and-Paper-Based Collabotarion System Using Visual Tags Printed on Paper


Yasuo Matsuyama and Youichi Nishida. HMM-Embedded Bayesian Network for Heterogeneous Command Integration: Applications to Biped Humanoid Operation over the Network


Patrick Taillandier, Duchêne Cécile and Drogoul Alexis. Knowledge revision in systems based on an informed tree search strategy: application to cartographic generalisation


Zacharias Detorakis and George Tambouratzis. Discovery of Underlying Morphological Bonds Using an Agglomerative Clustering Algorithm


Nikos Tsimboukakis and George Tmbouratzis. Document classification system based on HMM word map


Bertrand Grandvallet, Ali Zemouche, Mohamed Boutayeb and Sébastien Changey. A software based approach for autonomous projectile attitude and position estimation


Swagatam Das, Sambarta Dasgupta, Arijit Biswas and Ajith Abraham. On Stability of the Chemotactic Dynamics in Bacterial Foraging Optimization Algorithm


Zou Tao and Yimin Cui. Improving Performance of Intrusion Detection System by Applying a New Machine Learning Strategy


Vincent Ribaud and Philippe Saliou. Resources Annotation, Retrieval and Presentation


Yimin Cui, Tao Zou and Tao Zou. Network Security Simulation and Evaluation


Biljana Stojkoska and Danco Davcev. Cluster-based MDS for Nodes Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks with Irregular Topologies.doc


Ching-Wei Wang and Andrew Hunter. Track covered body in application to patient monitoring


Erhan Akdogan, MEHMET ARIF ADLI and Nureddin Bennett. A Human-Machine Interface Design for Direct Rehabilitation using A Rehabilitation Robot


Jerzy Garus. Fuzzy Control of Undersea Robotic Vehicle in Plane Motion


Djamel BERRABAH, Stéphane Gançarski, Sarah Kaddour Chikh and Cecile Le Pape. Optimistic path-based concurrency control over XML documents

Juan Mussini, Lau Lung and Fabio Favarim. Design of a P2P Middleware to Support Plagiarism Detection Mechanisms


Igor Tsigelny, Valentina Kouznetsova and Sanjay Nigam. Swarm Intelligence of Gene Networks Forms Behavioral Rules for Biological Cells Serving as Agents of the Next Level Organ-Forming SI


Jirapond Tadrat, Veera Boonjing and Puntip Pattaraintakorn. Building Classification Rules for Case Based Classifier using Fuzzy Sets and Formal Concept Analysis


Mikaël Ates, Christophe Gravier, Jeremy Lardon and Jacques Fayolle. Complex Federation Architectures: Stakes, Tricks & Issues


Djamel BERRABAH and Faouzi Boufarès. Constraints Satisfaction Problems in Data Modeling


Dong (Haoyuan) Li, Anne LAURENT and Pascal Poncelet. Recognizing Unexpected Recurrence Behaviors with Fuzzy Measures in Sequence Databases


Yi-Tung Chan, Galyna A. Akmayeva and Charles Shoniregun. A Novel approach in securing DDoS Attack


Lisa Di Jorio, Anne LAURENT and Maguelonne Teisseire. Fast Extraction of Gradual Association Rules: A Heuristic Based Method


Ali Harb, Michel Plantié, Mathieu Roche, Gérard Dray and Pascal Poncelet. Web opinion mining: How to extract opinions from blogs?


Marcela Ribeiro, Agma Traina, Caetano Traina Jr and Monica Ferreira. Data Pre-processing: A new algorithm for Feature Selection and Data Discretization


Emad Mabrouk, Abdel-Rahman Hedar and Masao Fukushima. Memetic Programming with Adaptive Local Search Using Tree Data Structures


Masaru Teranishi, Sigeru Omatu and Toshihisa Kosaka. Fatigue Level Estimation of Bill Based on Feature-Selected Acoustic Energy Pattern by Using Supervised SOM


Michel Occello, Jean-Paul Jamont, Manuel Pezzin and Régis Guillermin. A multiagent approach for an UWB location embedded software architecture


Abdou Wahabou, Henriet Adrien, Dhoutaut Dominique, Spies Francois and Bloch Christelle. Optimizing Communications in Vehicular Ad hoc Networks Using Evolutionary Computation and Simulation


Vineet Chaoji, Apirak Hoonlor and Boleslaw Szymanski. Recursive Data Mining for Role Identification


Takahiro YAMANOI, Hisashi TOYOSHIMA, Toshimasa YAMAZAKI, Shin-ichi OHNISHI, Michio SUGENO and Elie Sanchez. Fundamental Research for Brain Machine Interface by use of EEG from Right Frontal Gyrus


Jawad Makki, Anne-Marie Alquier and Violaine Prince. An NLP-based Ontology Population for a Risk Management Generic Structure


Mohammad Chowdhury, Sarfraz Alam and Josef Noll. Policy Based Access for Home Contents and Services


Ehsan Shareghi and Leila Sharif. Text Summarization with Harmony Search Algorithm-Based Sentence Extraction


maryam moghadam fard, Mehdi Moghadam Fard and Behrouz Minaei. Persian On-line Handwritten Character Recognition by RCE Spatio-Temporal Neural Network


Kablan Barbar. Automatic Generator of XML Documents Editors based on attributed grammars


Kousuke Fujita, Takeshi Takenaka and Kanji Ueda. Service diffusion in the market considering consumers' subjective value


Sébastien REGIS, Andrei DONCESCU and Jacky DESACHY. Estimation of relevance and fusion of data sources using belief function theory: application to bioprocess


Markus Prossegger and Abdelhamid Bouchachia. Divide-and-Conquer in Ant Colony Optimization to Attack Steiner Tree Problems


Jean-Laurent Hippolyte, Christelle Bloch, Pascal Chatonnay, Christophe Espanet, Didier Chamagne and Geneviève Wimmer. Hippolyte


Pavel Kromer, Vaclav Snasel and Jan Platos. Evolving Feasible Linear Ordering Problem Solutions


mohsen Jahanshahi and Mehdi Dehghan. Energy-Efficient Distributed Scheduling Methods in Wireless Sensor Networks Considering Mobile Target Tracking


Slawomir Grzonkowski, Wojciech Zaremba, Maciej Zaremba and Bill McDaniel. Extending Web Applications with a Lightweight Zero Knowledge Proof Authentication


SAFA KHALOULI, FATIMA GHEDJATI and ABDELAZIZ HAMZAOUI. Hybrid approach Using Ant Colony Optimization and Fuzzy Logic to solve Multi-criteria Hybrid Flow Shop Scheduling Problem


Stephan Chalup, Kenny Hong and Michael Ostwald. A Face-House Paradigm for Architectural Scene Analysis


Radoslaw Cichocki, Martin Tabakow and Halina Kwasnicka. Calculating accurate volume of spontaneous intracerebral hematoma


Lagarde Matthieu, Andry Pierre and Gaussier Philippe. Distributed Real-Time Neural Networks In Interactive Complex Systems


Ivan Jordanov and Antoniya Georgieva. Intelligent Hybrid System for Pattern Recognition and Classification


abdelhak chatty, Ilhem KALLEL and Adel M. Alimi. Counter-Ant Algorithm for Evolving Multirobot Collaboration


Pooya Moradianzadeh, Maryam Mohi and Mohsen Sadighi Moshkenani. Mining Social Network for Extracting Topic of Textual Conversations


leyla zhuhadar, olfa nasraoui and Robert Wyatt. Metadata Domain-knowledge Driven Search Engine in "HyperManyMedia" E-learning Resources


Ajith Abraham, Youakim BADR and Hongbo Liu. A Multi-Swarm Approach to Neighbor Selection in Peer-to-Peer Networks


Marina Bagic, Aleksandar Babac and Marijan Kunstic. Verification of Communication Protocols in a Multi-agent System


Gabriele Gianini, Antonia Azzini, Stefania Marrara and ernesto damiani. Global Consensus Emergence in an Unstructured Semantic Network


Kami Makki. Novel Cache Management Strategy for Semantic Caching in Mobile Environment


Gang Li and Lu An. Mining Competitive Technical Intelligence of High-tech Products with Self-Organizing Map


Workshop on Applied Ontologies in Distributed Systems (WAODS)

Paper ID Authors, Title
German Sancho, Said Tazi and Thierry Villemur. A Semantic-driven Auto-adaptive Architecture for Collaborative Ubiquitous Systems
Ugo Barchetti, Alberto Bucciero, Luciano Capone, Anna Lisa Guido, Luca Mainetti, Roberto Paiano, Enrico Pulimeno and Stefano Santo Sabato. How can ontologies support enterprise digital and paper archives? A case study
Diego Magro and Anna Goy. Towards a first Ontology for Customer Relationship Management
HeeMan Park, YoungLok Lee, BongNam Noh and HyungHyo Lee. Design of an Event System adopting Ontology-based Event Model for Ubiquitous Environment
Antonio M. Rinaldi. A Peer-to-Peer System to Share Ontology in the Semantic Web
Abolghasem Sadeghi-Niaraki and Kyehyun Kim. Ontology Driven Road Network Analysis based on Analytical Network Process Technique

Workshop on Context-Aware Mobile Learning (CAML)

Paper ID Authors, Title
Kris Scott and Rachid Benlamri. Location-Aware Classroom Services on the Semantic Web
Mohamed Al Ali, Jawad Berri and Mohamed Jamal Zemerly. Context Aware Mobile Muslim Companion
Shuangbao Wang, Qing Chen and Michael Behrmann. Agent-based Ubiquitous m-Learning Portal for K-12 Teachers
Ivan Ganchev. Multi-Agent Architecture for Context-Aware mLearning via InfoStations
Jihen Malek, Mona Laroussi and Alain Derycke. ContAct-Us: a Context-Activity Adaptive Modeler for Ubiquitous Learning Systems
José Rouillard and Mona Laroussi. PerZoovasive: contextual pervasive QR codes as tool to provide an adaptive learning support
Arianit Kurti. Context modeling to support the design of mobile learning

Workshop on Automated and Autonomous Sensor Networks (AASN)

Paper ID Authors, Title
Andrea Seraghiti, Emanuele Lattanzi, Saverio Delpriori and Alessandro Bogliolo. Self-Adapting Maxflow Routing Algorithm for WSNs: Practical Issues and Simulation-Based Assessment
Takeshi Ikeda, Yutaka Inoue, Akio Sashima, Kiyoshi Yamamoto, Tomohisa Yamashita and Koichi Kurumatani. ComPass System: An Low Power Wireless Sensor Network System and its Application to Indoor Positioning
Markus Jevring, Robert de Groote and Cristian Hesselman. Dynamic Optimization of Bluetooth Networks for Indoor Localization
Mehdi Mekni and Moulin Bernard. Using Multi-Agent Geo-Simulation Techniques for Intelligent Sensor Web Management
Sangbo Seo, Seungmi Song, Eunsook Kim and Sung-Un Kim. A New Energy Efficient Data Transmission Method for Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks
Masayuki Nakamura, Atsushi Sakurai, Takumi Yamada and Jiro Nakamura. Adaptive Sensor/Actuator Networks for Tracking Environment Control Behaviors

Workshop on Fuzzy is Scalable: Managing Huge Databases Using Fuzzy Methods (FiS)

Paper ID Authors, Title
Manel Sghaier, Sadok Ben Yahia, Anne Laurent and Maguelonne Teisseire. FFTM: Optimized Frequent Tree Mining with Soft Embedding Constraints on siblings
Marsala Christophe and Detyniecki Marcin. High Scale Video Mining with Forests of Fuzzy Decision Trees
László Gál, János Botzheim and László T. Kóczy. Modified Bacterial Memetic Algorithm used for Fuzzy Rule Base Extraction
Marco Pagani and Gloria Bordogna. Identification of association rules between clusters
Bernadette Bouchon-meunier. Fuzzy logic to cope with complex problems : some examples of real-world applications

Workshop on Computational Intelligence in Medical Imaging (CIMI'08)

Paper ID Authors, Title
Stuart Golodetz, Irina Voiculescu and Stephen Cameron. Region Analysis of Abdominal CT Scans using Image Partition Forests
Christopher Malon, Matthew Miller, Harold Christopher Burger, Eric Cosatto and Hans Peter Graf. Identifying Histological Elements with Convolutional Neural Networks
Huiyu Zhou, Gerald Schaefer, Abdul Sadka and M. Emre Celebi. Anisotropic mean shift based fuzzy C-means segmentation of skin lesions
Lucia Ballerini, Marcello Calisti, Sergio Damas, Oscar Cordon and Jose Santamaria. Automatic 3D Skull Reconstruction using Invariant Features
Wojciech Tarnawski, Marcin Fraczek and Michal Jelen. Fuzzy rule-based classification system for computer-aided diagnosis in contact endoscopy imaging
Victor E. Asadchikov, Alexey I. Chulichkov, Alexey Buzmakov, Marina V. Chukalina, Dmitry P. Nikolaev and Roman A. Senin. Morphological analysis and reconstruction techniques in computer tomography
F. Alim-Ferhat, H. Bessalah, S.S Eddiki, H.Salhi, M. Issad & O. Kerdjidj. WT-SOM network Implementation on FPGA for the medical images compression

Workshop on Autonomous & Autonomic Software-based Systems (ASBS)

Paper ID Authors, Title
Basil Becker and Holger Giese. Modeling of Correct Self-Adaptive Systems: A Graph Transformation System Based Approach
Cyril BALLAGNY, Nabil Hameurlain and Franck BARBIER. Dynamic Adaptive Software Components: the MOCAS Approach
Matthias Werner, Dirk Müller, Martin Däumler, Jan Richling and Gero Muehl. Operating System Support for Distributed Applications in Real Space-Time
Najla HADJ KACEM, Ahmed Hadj Kacem, Mohamed Jmaiel and Khalil DRIRA. Towards Modelling and Analysis of a Coordination Protocol for Dynamic Software Adaptation
Andreea Vescan and Horia Florin Pop. Automatic Configuration for the Component Selection Problem
Ismael Bouassida Rodriguez, Karim Guennoun, Khalil DRIRA, Christophe Chassot and Mohamed Jmaiel. Implementing a rule-driven approach for architectural self configuration in collaborative activities using a graph rewriting formalism
Giovanni Russello. GSpace: An Architectural Approach for Self-Managing Extra-Functional Concerns

Workshop of Doctoral Student (SW)

Paper ID Authors, Title
Patrick Taillandier. Diagnosis in systems based on an informed tree search strategy: application to cartographic generalisation
Richard Dufour. From prepared speech to spontaneous speech recognition system: a comparative study applied to French language
Arijit Biswas, Swagatam Das, Sambarta Dasgupta and Ajith Abraham. Dynamics of Reproduction in Artificial Bacterial Foraging System: Modeling and Stability Analysis
Milka Uzunova, Daniel Jolly, Emil NIkolov and Kamel Boumediene. The macroscopic LWR model of the transport equation viewed as a distributed parameter system
Milka Uzunova, Daniel Jolly, Emil NIkolov and Kamel Boumediene. Green function analytical method of solution of transport equation. Modeling and simulation of the macroscopic LWR model as a distributed parameter system.
Ghislain Charrier. From scheduling theory to practice
Ergude Bao. A Study and Implementation of Self-Adaptive Allocation Algorithm for Parallel Program
Shokoh KERMANSHAHANI. Semi-Materialized Framework: a Hybrid Approach to Data Integration
Wissam KHALIL. More expressive extensions of TQL