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Program Chairs Message

We would like to welcome all of you to the 5th International ACM Conference on Management of Emergent Digital EcoSystems (MEDES) in Luxembourg.

The MEDES conference series provide a unique opportunity for researchers and scientists to share knowledge and scientific achievements by bridging into an interactive and attractive forum several very important research fields related to Digital Ecosystems. More precisely, the scientific focus of MEDES is on technologies for designing, representing, exchanging and processing data and services in digital ecosystems. It is important to note that the importance and success of the MEDES conference series can be measured not only in scientific and academic goals but also in the emphasis on contributing to the development of local and regional research activities since digital ecosystem research themes are being increasingly related and used in interdisciplinary applications that can play a major role in open network environments where both data and computing resources can be used to meet some of the information processing needs of various countries.

This 5th edition of MEDES aims to provide cutting-edge approaches, technologies and insights on emerging modeling, representation and technologies that take into account the amount, type and diversity of information and services accessible in digital ecosystems. This year, we received 62 papers from around the world. We are gratified by the international diversity of this conference: authors of submitted work hail from no less than 17 countries. The conference program committee included 110 members (all of whom have been selected for their strong expertise and special interest in their respective research areas). The committee members had a challenging task of choosing the highest quality submissions. All the papers have been reviewed by at least three reviewers. The International Program Committee, after a high-qualitypeer review, selected 36 papers for the main conference ranging from regular papers, short papers, as well as posters and demonstrations of industrial, business and societal case studies, offering an interesting mixture of aspects of Digital Ecosystems and addressing a wide spectrum and variety of subjects areas. The papers have been organized in seven sessions: Digital Ecosystems, Trust and privacy, Cloud Computing, Online Business, Content Management, Services and Communities, and Applications.

The MEDES 2013 program includes also three special tracks: “EU-Brazil innovation and Best Practice in IT Ecosystems”, “Free and Open Source Software” and “Experiences and perspectives of Digital Ecosystems European Projects”. The onganizers of these tracks gave a strong contribution to the MEDES Conference selecting 18 papers of quality. The “EU-Brazil innovation and Best Practice in IT Ecosystem” deserves a special mention for its great success.

This year, MEDES has two keynote talks from Prof. Yannis Manolopoulos of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and Prof. Silvio A. Spinellafrom the Information Technology Center “Renato Archer”titled“ExplainingRecommendations in time-aware Location-based Social Networks” and “Ecosystem of CNRTA in Brazil”respectively. Also, Muriel Foulonneau and Geraldine Vidou willp rovide a very challenging tutorial titled “From data to services: the creation of services from Open Data and Semantic data sets”.

We thank all authors who submitted papers and the International Program Committee membersfor their support in reviewing the papers and promoting the conference. This edition would not have been possible without the dedicated work of many people. We have a deepest gratitude for the Local Organizing Committee composed by Dr. Frederic Andres, Jean-Paul Hengen and Ingrid Zantis for the logistic and managerial effort. We give many thanks to Dr. Epamindondas Kapetanios and Prof. Jerzy Korczak for the effort in organizing special tracks, to Dr. George Ghinea, Dr. Joe Tekli and Dr. Marina Dabic for selecting the tutorial section, and to Dr. Chandrasekhar Anantaram, Dr. Oscar Salviano and Dr. Peter Stanchev for the promotion of the indutrial/demonstration session. Furthermore, we would like to thank the publicity chairs Dr. Patrizia Grifoni, Dr. RajkumarKannan, Dr. Silvio Spinella and Dr. Youakim Badr that significantly contributed to the promotion and success of the conference. Last but not least, we would like to express our deep-felt appreciation to the MEDES General Chairs Latif Ladid, Antonio Montes and Peter A. Bruck.

Prof. Richard Chbeir & Prof. Fernando Ferri