Developing Digital Ecosystems for the Web

Tutorial Objectives

• Present the fundamental metaphors of the digital ecosystem for the Web
• Introduce the domain of a suitable case study of the Virtual Museum of the Pacific
• Examine the business and organisation for a digital ecosystem
• Introduce the sources of data, structured and unstructured, formal and informal
• Examine the data requirements and issues in DE data capture and
• Present the techniques that deliver a solution to data integration issues
• Discuss Service Oriented Architecture as Digital Ecosystem backbone
• Provide a detailed example of the Web services that can be used for a DE
• Introduce the issue of social media tagging as folksonomy maintenance
• Present an access control model that supports the solution to multiple folksonomies
• Examine user interface design and technical requirements issues
• Present user interface evaluation methods for DE performance measurement
• Understand organisational and corporate measures of DE impact and success
• Survey the evaluation of social media applications on the Web
• Discuss future trends in DE for the Web


This tutorial is suitable to all audiences engaged in the development of digital ecosystems for the Web.

About the presenter

Peter Eklund is Professor of Information Systems and Technology and Director of the Centre for Digital Ecosystems at the University of Wollongong. A member of the Smart Services Cooperative Research Centre, Peter is the lead technical researcher in the Virtual Museum of the Pacific project, a digital ecosystem being developed for the Australian Museum and its stakeholders in Sydney. Peter has held chairs in Computer Science and Information Systems and teaches knowledge and information design, .NET programming, databases and information systems management subjects at the University of Wollongong. An Australian Research Council ARC and Canadian NSERC reviewer, Peter regularly serves on accreditation panels and is an elected Fellow the Australian
Computer Society. Peter was Program Chair of the 16th International Conference on Conceptual structures (see in Toulouse in 2008.