Accepted Papers

Full papers:

The Importance of Culture in Digital Ecosystems: Managing Indigenous Research Data
Alex Byrne

Analysing the Evolution of a Digital Organization Eco-Systems (DOES)
Alessia D’Andrea, Fernando Ferri, Patrizia Grifoni, Tiziana Guzzo

Studying Network Dynamics in Digital Ecosystems
Maria-Chiara Caschera, Arianna D'Ulizia, Fernando Ferri, Patrizia Grifoni

Computing of Applied Digital Ecosystems
Gerard Briscoe, Philippe De-Wilde

Digital Ecosystems: Stability of Evolving Agent Populations
Philippe De-Wilde, Gerard Briscoe

Precomputing Queries for Personal Health Sensor Environments
Jun Liu, Mark Roantree

An Autonomous Agent Approach to Query Optimization in Stream Grids
Saikat Mukherjee, Srinath Srinivasa, Krithi Ramamritham

Data Mining Effect in Peer-To-Peer Queries Routing
Anis Ismail, Mohamed Quafafou, Gilles Nachouki, Mohammad Hajjar

A Semantic Handling of Geological Modeling Workflows
Nabil Belaid, Yamine Ait-Ameur, Jean-François Rainaud

Efficient Super-Peer-Based Queries Routing
Anis Ismail, Mohamed Quafafou, Gilles Nachouki, Mohammad Hajjar

Semantic Coordination of P2P Collective Intelligence
Silvana Castano, Alfio Ferrara, Stefano Montanelli, Gaia Varese

AbstractERIA: a Web Language for Conceptual Metadata Integration and Abstraction in the Large
Matteo Palmonari, Carlo Batini

Extended BPEL with Heterogeneous Authentication Mechanisms in Service Ecosystems
Pascal Bou-Nassar, Youakim Badr, Frédérique Biennier, Kablan Barbar

Collective Intelligence System Engineering
Ioanna Lykourentzou, Dimitrios-J. Vergados, Vassili Loumos

Knowledge Extraction by Probabilistic Cognitive Structure Modeling using a Bayesian Network for Use by a Retail Service
Tsukasa Ishigaki, Yoichi Motomura, Masako Dohi, Makiko Kouchi, Masaaki Mochimaru

Detecting User Types in Object Ranking Decisions
Xiaohui Lu, Markus Schaal, Sibel Adali, Anand-Kishore Raju

A Web-Based Interface to Design Information Visualization
Romain Vuillemot, Béatrice Rumpler

Operational BI Platform for Video Analytics
Qiming Chen, Meichun Hsu, Rui Liu, Tao Yu, Qinghu Li, Weihong Wang

Multimedia Sensor Networks: an Approach based on 3D Real-Time Reconstruction
Ahmed Mostefaoui, Benoît Piranda

An Experimental Performance Comparison for Indexing Mobile Objects on the Plane
Spyros Sioutas, Kostas Tsichlas, George Papaloukopoulos, Yannis Manolopoulos

CoSeNa : Context-based Search and Navigation System
Mario Cataldi, K.-Selçuk Candan, Claudio Schifanella, Maria-Luisa Sapino, Luigi Di-Caro

Conference Knowledge Modeling for Conference-Video-Recordings Querying & Visualization
Maria Sokhn, Francesco Carrino, Elena Mugellini, Omar Abou-Khaled, Ahmed Serhrouchni

Web Services and Digital Ecosystem Support using Formal Concept Analysis
Peter Eklund, Tim Wray, Jon Ducrou

A Digital Ecosystem for Boosting User-driven Service Business
Kimmo Karhu, Andrea Botero, Sami Vihavainen, Tingan Tang, Matti Hämäläinen

Personalized Selection of Web Services for Mobile Environments: The m-Scroutz Solution
Evangelos Sakkopoulos, Spyros Sioutas, Yannis Manolopoulos, Poulia Adamopoulou, Athanasios-K. Tsakalidis

Assessing Success Factors of Selling Practices in Electronic Marketplaces
Adriano-César-Machado Pereira, Diego-de-Moura Duarte, Wagner Meira-Jr., Paulo Góes

A SOAP Performance Comparison of Different WSRF Implementations
Roland Kübert, Hai-Lang Thai, Axel Tenschert

A Model for Decision Support in Business-Driven IT Service Portfolio Management using SLA-Dependent Criteria and under Uncertainty
Magno Queiroz, Antão Moura, Jacques Sauvé, Claudio Bartolini, Marianne Hickey

An Environment for Building, Exploring and Querying Academic Social Networks
Veselin Ganev, Zhaochen Guo, Diego Serrano, Brendan Tansey, Denilson Barbosa, Eleni Stroulia

A Distributed Algorithm for Simultaneous Group Communication
Susmit Bagchi

Toward Hybrid WSN Architectures for Monitoring People at Home
Youssouf Zatout, Eric Campo, Jean-François Llibre

Converging Web and IMS Services: Stakes and Solution Proposals
Karim Sbata, Houda Khrouf, Sabine Zander, Monique Becker

Innovative Interoperability Framework for Enterprise Applications within Virtual Enterprises
Nicolas Figay, Parisa Ghodous

An ACO/MAS Joint Approach to Manage Communications in Wireless Sensor Networks
Nacer Hamani, Jean-Paul Jamont, Michel Occello, Mouloud Koudil

Smart Ring: Utilizing Coverage Holes for Mobile Target Tracking
Chia-Ching Ooi, Christian Schindelhauer

Competences Management in an Organizational Learning Context
Adeline Leblanc, Marie-Hélène Abel

Building an Efficient P2P Overlay for Energy-Level Queries in Sensor Networks
Spyros Sioutas, Konstantinos Oikonomou, George Papaloukopoulos, Michalis Xenos, Yannis Manolopoulos

Accuracy-Driven Synchronization Protocol: Implementation and Experimental Evaluation
Hussein Khaleel, Mirko Franceschinis, Riccardo Tomasi, Marina Mondin

Towards a Global Online Reputation
Hui Li, Morad Benyoucef, Gregor-v. Bochmann

The Crucial Role of User's Perceived Trust in the Orchestration and Adoption of IT-Ecosystems
Klaus-Peter Wiedmann, Nadine Hennigs, Marc-Oliver Reeh, Dieter Varelmann

Distributed Support for Public and Private Accountability in Digital Ecosystems
Paul Malone, Brendan Jennings

PreScan: Towards Automating the Preservation of Digital Objects
Yannis Marketakis, Makis Tzanakis, Yannis Tzitzikas

Short papers:

Networks, Fractals and Complexity: Web-based Information Patterns
Oluseyi Alaba

Digital Ecosystems: Self-Organisation of Evolving Agent Populations
Gerard Briscoe, Philippe De-Wilde

Towards Viable Computer Systems: a Set Theory Interpretation of Ecological Dependence within Beer’s Self-Organizing Viable System Model
Ruth-Jean Thompson, Andrew-Graham Laws, Denis-John Reilly, Azzelarabe Taleb-Bendiab, David Llewellyn-Jones

Knowledge Sharing : an Index of Terminological Specificity
Françoise Deloule

A Conceptual Model for Handling Personalized Hierarchies in Multidimensional Databases
Yoann Pitarch, Anne Laurent, Pascal Poncelet

Knowledge Creation in Agropedia: Towards a Methodology to Compare Peer Content to Certified Content
A. Amritesh, Runa Sarkar

Semantic Document Classification and Keyword Spotting in Digital Repositories
Nikunj Yadav, Yanu Gupta, Manish Kumar, Ratna Sanyal

Web Page Ranking based on Fuzzy and Learning Automata
Zohreh Anari, Mohammad-Reza Meybodi, Babak Anari

Efficient Linear Text Segmentation Based on Information Retrieval Techniques
Roman Kern, Michael Granitzer

Information Architecture for Ubiquitous Ecologies
Andrea Resmini, Luca Rosati

Towards a Novel Approach to Multimedia Data Mixed Fragmentation
Richard Chbeir, Dominique Laurent

Digiplaza: a 2,5D Virtual Environment to Support the Sense of Locality of Geographic Communities using an Ontologic Approach
Alberto Bucciero, Anna-Lisa Guido, Luca Mainetti

Constructing Business Ecosystem from Firm Perspective: Cases in High-Tech Industry
Ke Rong, Yongjiang Shi

End to End Evaluation of Impression Based Music Retrieval Service
Najeh Hajlaoui

Convergence of Grids and Web Services: Current Challenges and Future Directions
Aisha Naseer, Lampros Stergioulas

Recursive Multi-Agent System for Dynamic and Adaptative Web Services Composition
Anissa Abrougui, Annabelle Mercier, Michel Occello, Marc-Philippe Huget

Common Ground Building in an Argumentation-based Online Collaborative Environment
Ali Gürkan, Luca Iandoli

Towards a RESTful Infrastructure for Digital Ecosystems
Alexandros Marinos, Sotiris Moschoyiannis, Paul Krause

Robust Audio-Visual Speaker Identification Using a Modified Score-based Reliability in Modality Integration
Md. Tariquzzaman, Jin-Young Kim, Seung-You Naiang Shi

A Generic Service System for Knowledge-Intensive Service Firms
Yong Peng, Youakim Badr, Frédérique Biennier

Software Ecosystems and E-Learning: Recent Developments and Future Prospects
Oskar Pettersson

An Ecosystem for User Centric Learning – Revolution or Evolution?
Thomas Kirkham, Stuart Wood, Sandra Winfield, Kirstie Coolin, Angela Smallwooda

Evolving Knowledge Based Product Lifecycle Management from a Digital Ecosystem to Support Automated Manufacturing
Mohammed-B. Raza, Thomas Kirkham, Robert Harrison, Radmehr-P. Monfared, Izhar Haq, Stuart Wood

Demo/Poster papers:

Argumentative Agents to Handle the Conflicts between Web Services: A Prototype

Sattanathan Subramanian, Guttorm Sindre

Integrated Service Engineering Workbench: Service Engineering for Digital Ecosystems
Gregor Scheithauer, Matthias Heinrich,Veli Bicer, Matthias Winkler, Konrad Voigt, Anja Strunk

Implementing an Online Help Desk System based on Conversational Agent
Alisa Kongthon, Sarawoot Kongyoung, Chatchawal Sangkeettrakarn, Choochart Haruechaiyasak

Advance Traffic Information System in Bangkok: A Success Story Case
Wasan Pattara-Atikom, Kannikar-Siriwong-Na Ayutaya

Learning Path to an Emergent Ecosystem: the Brazilian Public Software Experience
Angela-Maria Alves, Giancarlo-Nuti Stefanuto, Clênio-Figueiredo Salviano, Paula Drummond, Corinto Meffe

A Self-Adaptive Test Framework for Concurrent Programs
Manna Wu, Bo Zhou, Wei Shi

Protocol for a Systematic Literature Review of Research on the Wikipedia
Chitu Okoli, Kira Schabram

Student Workshop papers:

Towards Semi-Automatic Generation of Training Scenarios in Industrial Automated Systems

Saher Arnous, Arnaud Leleve, Khalid Kouiss, Patrick Prevot

An Approach for Business Transaction Management
Mounir Chnini, Nicolas Lumineau

Complex Data Integration into an Active XML Repository
Rashed Salem

Replica Update Strategy in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Mohamad-Motasem Nawaf, Zeina Torbey

Robustness of Emerged Community in Social Network
Slimane Lemmouchi, Mohammed Haddad, Hamamache Kheddouci

Decentralized Log Event Correlation Architecture
Nabil Hammoud

Comparing Semantic Associations in Sentences and Paragraphs for Opinion Detection in Blogs
Malik-Muhammad-Saad Missen, Mohand Boughanem, Guillaume Cabanac

Compact Representation of Multimedia Files for Indexing, Classification and Retrieval
Sajad Shirali-Shahreza

Geographic Data Integration to Support Web GIS Development
André-Rocha Coimbra

GRIT Workshop papers:

Supporting Learning Scenario Authoring for Electronic Laboratories

Arnaud Leleve, Saher Arnous, Patrick Prevot

On Physical Experiments and Individual Assessment of Laboratory Work in Engineering Education
Ingvar Gustavsson, Kristian Nilsson, Thomas Lagö

A Service Oriented Framework to Set up Flexible and Distributed Data Acquisition and Control Systems
Paolo Buschiazzo, Anna-Marina Scapolla


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