Chapter will promote and support activities of ACM SIGAPP, and ACM, in France and Europe, and in developing countries.
The scope of the Chapter is to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas in the field of Applied Computing and to bring together scientists and professionals engaged in the development of new and emergent applications and application
areas and the transfer of computing technology to new problem domains from the world over and particularly developing countries, to share and exchange knowledge, experience and results.

The Chapter is organized and will be exclusively operated for educational and scientific purposes.

1.   Some specific objectives are:

A. To promote an increased knowledge of and greater interest in the science,
design, and development of new and emergent applications.
B. To foster scientific and professional development in the field of applied

C. To provide a means of communication between people having an interest in
applied computing.

2. The activities of this Chapter may include the following:

A. Collecting and disseminating information through newsletters and

B. Sponsoring with ACM others meetings, conferences, symposia, discussion groups and workshops to meet the previously stated objectives.

C. Promoting and providing facilities for the exchange of information.

D. Serving as a source of information for its members, other ACM units, and the
general public.

E. Any other activities that promote educational and scientific purposes
relevant to applied computing.


 CSTST 2008

5th Int. Conf. on Soft Computing as Transdisciplinary Science and Technology
Octobre 27-31, 2008


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